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On July 18, 2005, I start scrubbing my hands before surgery. This daily ritual, besides preventing infection, allows me to cleanse my mind of all idle thoughts and concentrate my entire attention on one single patient. Today I have to operate on Santina, the mother of Father. Luigi Ginami, a woman who confronts her grave illness and suffering with both great serenity and the will to live. Talking with her before surgery, I sense her determination to undergo the operation that will allow her to continue reaping the fruits of existence. “Yes, Paolo, today you must concentrate hard to help Santina; she suffers from a very serious disorder of the aortic valve; what is even more worrying is that her coronary arteries are completely calcified.”


Filadelfia, 4 agosto 2010

 I know that I will have to be very vigilant when I enter the operating room; I will have to be very careful in finding a point in the coronaries that is free of calcifications so that I can insert the bypass. I will also have to be quick so as not to unduly protract an operation on a person so elderly and debilitated; and I will have to be especially careful in the rear part of her heart, where even minimal hemorrhaging could be fatal. I will really have to protect her heart, so that it starts again promptly and starts circulating the blood around her already compromised organs; I am especially worried about the proper functioning of her kidneys and lungs. The cardiologists who studied Santina’s condition before the operation were well aware of the possible risk of organ malfunction. They also knew the difficulty in performing any bypass on such obstructed coronaries. Nonetheless, they themselves convinced me to operate on her, as they were certain that without an operation Santina had little time left to live. As on every other morning, I am reminded of the words of my American teacher, a man who has spent fifty of his seventy years in cardiac surgery. Dur­ing my training in the United States, he would say to me: “Paolo, don’t let any operation become just routine; every day you enter the operating room is the most important day in your patient’s life.” I have agreed for Santina’s son, Father. Luigi Ginami, to be present during the operation, and this gives me some peace of mind. Since Father Gigi has already attended other operations, I thought I would allow him to be present as an active observer during his mother’s struggle for life. It only increases my calm and determination to know that at work just a few meters away from me is a team of eight talented and highly skilled people.

Filadelfia, 4 agosto 2010

First of all, there is Luca Lorini, chief anesthetist, and my frequent partner in complex, sometimes des­perate, surgical procedures. We have collaborated on hundreds of operations over the years, without the least disagreement and often in difficult and dramatic situations; both of us always assured that the other was working for the good of the patient. Then there are Samuele Pentiricci and Kostantin Deyneka, who will assist me in the central phase of the procedure. I am thrilled by their youth and technical skill, and I will try to transform them from surgical technicians into fully-fledged sur­geons. Then the scrub nurse, her assistant, the assistant anesthetist, and the extra-corporeal circulation technician: all of them, I am sure and weaned off the monitoring of her vital organs that is so crucial to this type of complex surgery. After 48 hours, Santina leaves intensive care and is transferred to the ward; her vital parameters are optimal. On July 22, during my evening round of the ward, I visit Santina: I am reassured by her general conditions and the gradual resumption of her organ functions. “Tonight I can sleep in peace,” I tell myself. But at two o’ clock that same night, like a bolt from the blue, I receive a call from the intensive care unit. “Doctor, it’s Annamaria. Dr. Lorini is asking whether you could please come immediately because Signora Santina has had a sudden cardiac arrest as the result of an arrhythmia.” Often I have asked myself where I find the strength to con­front and overcome such difficult moments as the one that involved Santina the night of July 22, 2005. Fortunately they are rare events, yet I have never found an answer to my question. Perhaps, over the years, I have succeeded in overcoming distressing events like these and continued my daily profession thanks to my belief in a higher plan, though I struggle to com­prehend, from either basic humanity or science, the motivations. Nonetheless, after the cardiac arrest, Santina’s life has be­come a Calvary without martyrs; a battle conducted by a mortal in the name of life, a success in solidarity, spirituality, and medical science. I will now leave to Father Luigi Ginami the task of relating this story of intense love and devotion towards “Mama Santina.” As for myself, I will treasure in my heart all the richness that I have drawn from it on a professional, human, and spiritual level.

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The new book it will be ditributed in more the 700 bookstores in USA, and the Santina’s story it will be in the families for the summer time and for the year. I want Thank you sincerely again Maria and Dick INCREMONA for that. But the book iti was presented at the Convention in a very good program