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The possibility of creating the Santina foundation with the proceeds of the book

An interview with GARY CASAZZA:


book signig 15-22 Settembre 2009 or: book signig 15-22 Settembre 2009 b

I just returned from a visit to the United States to promote my book God is the Rock of My Heart. Both my book and I were graciously received by the many people I encountered and I shared the story of my relationship with God and my mother, and how my experience with the terrible suffering my mother encountered due to her heart condition, was influential in increasing my faith in God through perseverance and prayer.

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I arrived in New Jersey on Thursday, September 17th and first and foremost did what I know best. I celebrated mass in a local church, Church of the Nativity in Fair Haven, New Jersey, in their small and intimate chapel with a few people, who would become close to me over the next several days. Father Bob at Church of the Nativity was so gracious in allowing me to use his Church and Parish at my disposal.  Following mass, a local Catholic organization, the Knights of Columbus, hosted a book signing to help promote my book.

Mister Abe Minassian at this purpose give me this interview:

The book signing was the first of four book-signing events where I met many wonderful people and heard about their cultures and life experiences. I was joined by my close friend and collogue, Bishop Raphael Minnasian, Bishop of Jeresulem, and a few other clergy from New York and New Jersey.  The book signing was well attended and when we finished, we went to dinner locally with a few close friends.

The next day, Friday, I spent getting to know this beautiful coastal area of the Jersey Shore. I ventured out in the area, and went on a boat ride on the Navesink River, one of two local rivers which lead out to the Atlantic Ocean. I again celebrated mass in the same chapel as the previous night, with a small intimate group which was very personal and private and each participant prayed and offered their own intentions, we prayed the Lord’s prayer holding hands around the altar and were once again strengthened and renewed in our faith.  That evening, a good friend hosted a dinner for myself and a few friends and colleagues at a local Yacht Club and we watched a beautiful sunset and enjoyed good food and fellowship for the evening in this lovely environment on the Navesink River.

Saturday was a busy and productive day, I met with Father Manning, pastor of Holy Cross Church in Rumson, New Jersey to discuss concelebrating mass with him later that evening and the following day. We each shared our history of our priesthood and ordination as priests and explained how I arrived at my position in the Vatican with the Holy Father today. He approved my request to share my story about my book and my message of faith to his parishioners.

Following my meeting with Father Manning, a local religious book store, Angelus, owned by Maria and Richard Incremona, hosted a book signing to further promote my book and get my message out to the community.  We proceeded to an evening mass at Holy Cross Parish. I concelebrated mass with Father Manning and spoke to the congregation and shared my thoughts about my book and my faith to the parishioners followed by another book signing after mass.

After mass we met for dinner with the Incremona’s and several other friends to discuss promoting my book further in the States and the possibility of creating the Santina foundation with the proceeds of my book.

Mons. Raphael Minassian gave me this interview at this argument:

We discussed the creation and mission for the foundation and what the possible beneficiaries could be for the foundation. We considered helping individuals with similar heart conditions to Santina, education to help poor people in third world countries and possibly causes that may need assistance in Jerusalem.  We discussed the specifics and what it would take to create the foundation and which professionals we should consult to get the foundation up and running.

On Sunday, I concelebrated two masses. One at 9:30 A.M.  at Church of the Nativity and one at 12 Noon again at Holy Cross Church. I again recounted my story about my mother, her suffering and how this ordeal increased my closeness to both God and my mother through prayer and faith. My mother’s faith cemented the Rock of My Heart, God. God is the Rock of My Heat. My message was heartfelt and well received by the parishioners at both masses and they enthusiastically supported me by purchasing many copies of my book.


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One of the best points of my trip in the States is a contract with ANGELUS MEDIA DISTRIBUTION GROUP for a new edition of the book God is the Rock of my Heart for Christmas Time in New York and New Jersey. Maria and Dick Incremona are so good with me, and I want Thank you for the wonderfull opportunity that They give me.

The new book it will be ditributed in more the 700 bookstores in USA, and the Santina’s story it will be in the families for the Christmass day. I want Thank you sincerely again Maria and Dick INCREMONA for that.